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They may not be able to control the rain, but every year, producers choose the next best thing: a clean, efficient propane-powered irrigation engine. From 2008 to 2013, 25 percent more farmers added propane irrigation engines to their operations; that's more than 6,000 farms, irrigating 1.1 million acres. 

Farmers report propane-powered irrigation engines are more efficient, more reliable, cleaner, and cost-effective compared with diesel-powered engines.


See the Difference in Your Wallet

Propane-powered irrigation engines can save your operation money in other ways, too. While diesel engines may do the same job, propane engines typically cost up to 50 percent less, even without incentives. Propane will also save you up to 40 percent on fuel costs compared with diesel. 


A High-Tech Farm Tool

Built from the ground up to run on propane, these high-efficiency engines give you serious horsepower and incorporate the latest technological advancements and features, such as remote monitoring and engine controls. They'll also keep you ahead of environmental regulations. EPA-certified and CARB-certified models are available in all 50 states.

Propane irrigation engines give California producers the power to farm, by meeting their state's strict emissions goals and still getting crops the water they need.

Cleaner Air, Cleaner Engines

Propane irrigation engines produce 20 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline engines, and 11 percent fewer emissions than diesel engines. For producers this also means fewer engine deposits, less maintenance, and ultimately, longer-lasting equipment. 

After looking for a cleaner, more efficient alternative, Nebraska producer Bud Walvoord realized propane was still the best choice for his farm.