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Geothermal Comparison

Propane Furnaces vs. Other Heat Sources

There are other home heating options you'll hear about, including geothermal heat (also called ground source heat pumps, or GSHPs), air source heat pumps (ASHPs), and heating oil systems. Here is how propane compares with each in terms of comfort and costs.


Geothermal heating systems can't deliver the same warm, comfortable heat as a propane furnace. And with significantly lower installation and maintenance costs as well as affordable monthly energy bills, a propane heating system is a better long-term value for homeowners. For comparison: The average installation price of a geothermal system is $36,000. The average price of a high-efficiency propane furnace? $4,000. Look at the payback period - the time it takes the energy savings to cover the cost of purchase and installation - and the advantage of propane space heating is obvious.

Already Have a GSHP or ASHP? Go Hybrid for Greater Comfort.

Hybrid heating systems pair a high-efficiency propane furnace with a geothermal system or air source heat pump. Together they deliver energy savings when the weather is warmer, and the comfortable heat of propane when the temperature plummets.