Heetco Propane - Fleet/Light-Duty Trucks

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Fleet/Light-Duty Trucks

Propane autogas is powering the medium-duty vehicles of businesses across the country, including bakery, food, and beverage companies, pickup and delivery companies, and linen businesses.

With propane autogas, you can skip the downtime typically caused by diesel’s extra repairs and maintenance. Propane autogas vehicles also provide superior cold-weather performance compared with diesel.

Small-budget fleets with limited space, or fleets needing more fueling locations along their routes can take advantage of this option with no infrastructure investment. Network refueling stations are accessible 24/7 through a card lock system. If a network is not currently available in your area, a propane provider may create one for your fleet, if it’s large enough. Alternatively, multiple fleets can team up to provide adequate load for requesting a refueling network.

You have choices when it comes to selecting the right vehicles for your fleet. Medium-duty models are available from major manufacturers — as both OEM-dedicated vehicles and EPA/CARB-certified aftermarket conversions.