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Propane serves approximately 60 million people in the United States. In 1999, 19.6 billion gallons of propane were consumed in the U.S.

Therefore, for builders or contractors if natural gas is unavailable for your project, or the cost of bringing natural gas to build site is more than the project budget allows, Propane offers a way to provide clients the efficiency, comfort, and high performance of natural gas in their new or remodeled home. In addition, realtors can use the green sustainable, cost-effectiveness of propane as selling points for a home with existing or potential propane usage.


Propane Energy Pod Builder Incentive Program

The Propane Education & Research Council is offering a monetary incentive of up to $1,500 per home for up to five homes to qualifying and select builders who build new homes that follow the Propane Energy Pod model and include propane equipment for space heating, water heating, cooking, and other heating and power applications.

Environmentally speaking: Gas or electric?

Are gas or electric appliances better for the environment? Nikki Fotheringham, a blogger at Greenmoxie specializing in green living ideas and tips, takes a look at the intriguing question. She examines stoves, dryers, space heating, and water heating for both performance and environmental impact. "Most people who enjoy cooking will tell you that a gas stove is a much better option," she says of kitchen products. "Gas ranges,like those from LG, do use less energy, so they are a better choice for the environment."