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About Propane

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Propane as Your Household Energy Source

  • Propane gas furnaces can consistently supply air temperatures of upwards of 120° F.
    This can be compared to the warmth of the air from a blow dryer.
  • Propane gas furnaces are low maintenance.
  • Propane gas furnaces are conveniently installed at a reasonable cost.
  • Consumers save money over the long life of a propane gas furnace.
  • Propane costs an average of two times less per BTU than electricity.
  • Propane is a versatile fuel with many uses.
  • Propane gas furnaces can be sized specifically for the heat load of your home.
  • Propane gas furnaces can be set back to lower temperatures overnight and brought back
    to normal in the morning without wasting fuel.
  • Propane has the same high efficiency at all temperatures.
  • Propane is the fuel of the future.